Scenes are special buildings in the game that let you spawn Monsters to chase Humans! Each scene rewards you with Scary faces to complete the Scare-o-Meter bar and might reward you with a special Scene Item. Scene Items are really valuable for Sader and might be requested to expand your inventory or to complete Treasure Deals.

It's recommended to assign every monster to scenes to have more chances of getting the special Item:

Special monsters are Free to assign once unlocked:

The chance of the reward is in the bottom right corner of the screen as well as the amount of Scary faces that will be rewarded once the scene is finished.

When the monsters are spawn, they will start chasing your human population. Tap every scary face!

When the scene time is finished it will drop the reward and a small clock will appear in the building to show that the scene is on cooldown. Wait the requested time and then deploy it again!