The treasure dealer will help you get Expansion Materials. These Items are required to expand to high level zones in the Game.

You can access the treasure dealer by tapping the bell icon at the bottom of the screen or tapping the Treasure Dealer building:

By completing the special orders for the requested items, you will then be rewarded with a random prize or prizes if you're lucky.

Not sure how to get a certain item? Try tapping the item icon/image for a hint!

If you don't feel like getting the item(s) the normal way, you can also use bills to purchase them to save time. Once you've got all the items for the order, you can seal deal and claim your prize.

Once you completed an order, you'll have to wait until Sader brings your reward:

Once the reward arrives, a checkmark will appear over the Treasure Dealer building:

Hope for the best possible Reward: